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Providing excellent services all over the world, Saad Allah Management Training & Consultancy Group is Specialized in providing consultative services, Saad Allah Management Training  &  Consultancy Group deploys specialized  teams guided by expert advisors in various  areas  and  specializations .  Advisory Action Plans are  developed based on appropriate executive strategies for customers’ businesses, and include specific phased targets to measure progress.  


The ’Consultancy Approach’ of Saad Allah Management Training & Consultancy Group comprises five (5) integrated stages, starting from diagnostics to follow-up  and impact assessment. These stages are accomplished by specialized advisors who enjoy high practical skills, vast experiences and vigorous scientific qualifications in many disciplines and fields. Consultative areas include:

  • Management Consultation 
  • Financial Consultation 
  • Engineering and Technical Consultations
  • Security and Legal Consultations
  • Family and Educational Consultations
  • And many other types of Consultations